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  • Beware Christians

    Recently, the U.S. has seen a planeload of immigrants (50 people) sent to Martha’s Vineyard sent by Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) as a stunt. Not so much in my eyes a political stunt, but more meaningful, a slap in the face of the liberals who make M.V. their part-time home. There are, of course, Republicans on […]

  • Remain Ignorant at your own peril

    People are either ‘informed’ or ‘ignorant’. You either ‘know’ what is going on, or, you are blind to reality. As humans, we have the right to exist in peaceful co-existence with other humans. Almost everyone would agree that to be the case. It is a moral issue. Lives have value. Unless you are a monster […]

  • Everything is Matter or Energy

    As our understanding of everything grows and our technology improves in examining and capturing information, there will obviously be new ideas about what reality is and how we relate to it. In today’s landscape we can explore the basic building blocks of the universe as well as measure electromagnetic functions within the brain. In between […]

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